Yoga Exercise for Elderly People

Many people still associate yoga with a bohemian lifestyle. Other people believe it is part of a specific religion and is scared to engage in it. Contrary to all these beliefs yoga is an excellent form of physical activity that can be done by anyone.

Yoga is a low impact form of exercise and while it is far from being easy, there are many exercises that would suit elderly people.

Staying fit in your later years is just as important as it is for younger people. Many illnesses such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and rheumatism can be aggravated by a lack of exercise. Weight gain can also be prevented.

Yoga focuses a lot on breathing which is an excellent way to relax and calm the mind.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind before you start yoga training.

– Older people who have done yoga before and who are familiar with the processes should be able to continue doing it on their own. It is important to remember as you get older you might not be able to everything the way you could when you were younger. If you push yourself too much you can easily get hurt.

– Don’t attempt yoga on your own if you have never done it before. Some of the exercises are very tricky and you can easily get hurt if it is not done correctly. Certain exercises should also not be done by elderly people, especially if you never did it before.

– Find a yoga class with a knowledgeable instructor that knows how to assist older people. For those who can afford a personal trainer, there are yoga trainers that will come to your house. On the other hand, being part of a yoga class can be much more fun than doing it alone.

– A good yoga mat is all you need before starting this activity. Gyms or community centers offering these classes might have mats available.

– Never do anything that causes pain or if you feel uncomfortable rather stop doing the specific pose. An injury can take longer to heal, especially when you are older.

You can speak to anybody who does yoga regularly and no matter if they are 15 or 90 years old, they will all tell you how well they feel after a yoga session. It has nothing to do with achieving a specific pose, but more with the relaxation that comes from the breathing and stretching.


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