What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?

What to do when you don’t know what to do.

Albert Einstein said it best, “We can’t solve problems “by using the same kind of thinking we use “when we created them.” Whenever you are stuck, whenever you’re confused or you’re lost, and you don’t know what is the next step, the very reason, well, before I share that with you, Let me give you a very simple example. Let’s say I give you a math formula to solve and let’s say you’ve never studied math before, you don’t know any plus and minus and what all those things mean.

And I say here is a math formula. And I lock you in a room and I say, “Go solve this.” What are the chances of you solving that math equation? Zero to none. Why is that? Because you don’t know what you don’t know. How could you solve a problem when you don’t know how to solve a problem? I know it sounds so simple. Think about this, whenever people are stuck in any scenario life, business, relationship, finance, whatever it might be, they say that, “I don’t see a way out of this.” Of course, no different than imagine if you’re stuck in a massive forest, and you’re stuck, and you don’t know how to get out. what is the best way, think about it, that gives you the best chance for you to get out of this scenario, get out of this forest.

Someone who has been in and out of forest many, many times, who could show you the way. That’s the difference. You see, most people spend so much time and waste so much unnecessary energy trying to walk around, figure things out, going through the school of hard knocks, versus my approach is a little different.

My approach is, I want to seek out the best of the best who has gotten the result that I want, who has solved the problems that I want to be solved. Why would I try to figure this out on my own? The very reason I have this problem is that I created it. If I am the one that created it, how could I solve it? It makes no sense. Why would I not find someone who’s been there and done that and solve this problem, and just seek advice?

But you see why most people don’t do that, take a guess. Do you know why?

Because they have an ego. You see, your ego is not your amigo, your ego is your enemy, your ego blinds you from the truth. Your ego blinds you from seeking help. Your ego blinds you from seeing what is in front of you when sometimes all you need to do is to reach out to somebody and ask for help. By the way, that person cannot be me, it probably isn’t me.

There’s no way possible that I could help the millions of people, the 10s of millions of people who follow me on social media anyway, and I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. You got to find someone who’s been there and done that, who could take you and walk you out of that forest to help you unstuck. I may not be able to help you one-on-one, but I could share my experience and my knowledge with you through my book “Unlock It” and I want to give you a free copy of this book and all you have to do is just take care of the shipping.

So if you want a copy of my book to help you unstuck, to help you unlock it, whatever it means for you, whatever it means for you, click on the link below and get your free copy today.


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