WHAT I EAT IN A DAY! Healthy & Super Easy!

I want to show you what I eat during the day and I hope you find this video interesting so let’s get started I start my day drinking a glass of hot water I try to drink hot water during the day but it doesn’t have to burn your mouth hot water also helps to prepare your stomach for eating and if you start drinking hot water you will see your body change and get better okay next step I drink collagen every day on an empty stomach and after that, I wait for an hour and only then I can eat and I also take 8 min to see because they always have to be taken together and I can use this thing to better dissolve collagen in water.

Collagen peptides are perceived as food so I stopped my fasting and I used such an app that helps me monitor my intermittent fasting and now I have an eating window finally but I still have to wait an hour because I drank collagen but look at my cute dog and these are my plants yes it’s cute then on an empty stomach I do a fat-burning workout take a shower and finally, I can eat honestly I usually eat really very rarely at home I often buy cooked food or eat in a cafe or restaurant but I can do it now you know so I make a very very simple meal I often eat eggs with mushrooms and a piece of chicken meat for breakfast now I’m washing my vegetables and starting to make my breakfast.

I use coconut oil to fry the eggs and I fry two eggs tomatoes and mushrooms together it’s very good [Music] [Music] and I also like to add spices like dried garlic and paprika and then I add fresh green onions I love green onions very much [Music] let’s pretend you didn’t see it and the food turns out beautiful I am very fond of various sources I bought my favorite Sweden spicy Korean sauce today so I decided to add some okay I really eat bread but today I decided to take a slice of bread and this bread without yeast and sugar so I think I can eat it today oh my god it looks really good and you know it’s a very simple delicious and healthy breakfast so enjoy.

I’ve eaten everything and now I’m drinking some hot water again oh my god I am really full and after my first meal I also drink with Mindy well some time has passed and I usually eat twice a day and try not to eat any snacks but today I really wanna drink my favorite Mitel out there and I also want to show you how I do it so I use a magic powder mixed with coconut sugar and I love this much because it tastes as I bought it from a cafe.

I got my favorite matcha tea cookies today and that’s great so I decided to eat two cookies and today I’m not going to eat anything sweet anymore [Music] and finally it’s time for dinner my mother made chicken cutlets these cutlets are very simple and there will be a lot of protein in them I put some rice in it plate and these cutlets are made with tomato sauce so it looks good now I can use some of my parsley how made in delicious parsley but my food looks too simple and I decided to add a tomato and a cucumber hey guys it’s a new day I woke up early and my fasting will be over in a few hours so here you can see my fasting schedule and as you can see I am doing well and today I want to show you a quite different version of my fold it’s very simple for you know but it’s still delicious and it’s really easy to cook so my first meal today is two cabbage in tomato sauce some potatoes and chicken cutlet yeah it’s gonna be a very hearty meal so I’m gonna feel full all day and I might not even want to eat my dinner .

I also decided to add some more vegetables and I made a salad and added one egg and some linseed oil to the salad okay guys and finally I want to show you a very simple and low-calorie dinner or it can be a healthy snack for you I don’t eat it often but if I’m very hungry I can eat it we will need crisp bread and tuna in its own juice and by the way you can also make a salad and add canned natural tuna I like this tuna because it has no carbs little fat and lots of protein but you have to look to make it contain only tuna and salt it’s a very dietary snack that contains a lot of protein and you can add tuna too many dishes and it will be very very delicious guys I hope you enjoyed my video but I think my food was too easy for you but now I’m on a diet and I want to lose some weight and as you noticed I try to eat without a lot of snags and I try not to eat a lot of sweets and I want you to take care of yourself and please be healthy by the way I will definitely make a new part of this video when the current is over thank you so much for watching I love you guys and I will see you next video bye

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