Thermal technology becoming big part of life due to COVID-19

– the coronavirus now and taking temperatures part of the new normal before people go into restaurants and even doctor’s office as local tents Andrew Perez shows us today some places are going high-tech with her heat-seeking thermo technology is nothing new but we’re seeing up more and more because of covin 19 a way to determine if something is wrong it’s gonna be the norm nowadays it’s all about safety and thermal tech is becoming a part of kovat 19 life thermal cameras and courthouses in casinos looking for a temperature what was once marketed for private security is now being used for health screenings you using it for this method for screening people entering a building no it’s not something I imagined that’s where the analytics are the gas bar runs ECG a security integration company he walked us through the technology which businesses are using to keep large crowds safe from infection as people pass through everybody will get a reading the scan will at the same time but in spec is 30 persons per second when someone enters a building hot an alarm goes off an additional screening would likely be next the margin of error on these devices 0.5 degrees so plus or minus 0.5

of course, the Florida heat could change your temp but these devices are indoors and if you’re not cooling down it’s a sign there may be a problem you can tell that person to step aside cool down for a bit come back through you can pull them to a side for secondary screening it really cut is gonna come down to the company this is a part of our lives right now just like face masks are this tech it’s really impressive it’s also really accurate these companies are also hardwiring it into security systems that are the latest here in Miami I’m Andrew Perez local 10 News

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