Protein Metabolism

Protein metabolism is the way your body breaks down proteins to build bones, muscles, cartilage, hormones, and add things such as hair and nails. Proteins are considered the building blocks for your body. The protein foods you eat enter the blood in the form of amino acids. The amino acids are delivered to your tissues. Your tissues convert them into proteins based on the types that delivered to the tissues. Your liver stores the amino acids as fat or glycogen.

Protein intake is most effective in small amounts combined with exercise.

All of your cells have protein. Proteins can bond with carbohydrates.

Protein Catabolism: How proteins are broken down into their amino acids.

Protein Anabolism: How proteins are formed from amino acids.

Essential And Non Essential Amino Acids: There are a total of 22 amino acids and eight are essential. The essential ones come only from your diet. The remaining 14 are produced from your body without help from your diet. It doesn’t mean the 14 are not important because they are important.

The Eight Essential Amino Acids

  1. Phenylalanine
  2. Valine
  3. Threonine
  4. Tryptophan
  5. Isoleucine
  6. Methionine
  7. Leucine
  8. Lysine

Complete Proteins: Complete proteins do not mean that a particular protein food contains all 22 amino acids. Complete proteins have an adequate proportion of all the essential amino acids. The essential ones are in the correct amount. Many foods have amino acids in different quantities.

Protein Foods: Foods containing protein are found in all animals, vegetables, legumes, and fruits. The advantage meat has as it relates to protein is meats have all the essential amino acids. Meat is a complete protein and plant foods generally are not. If you eat a variety of plants you will take incomplete proteins.

The Dangers of Too Little Protein

Weak immune system

Loss of muscle mass

Impairment of circulatory and respiratory system

Eating Too Much Protein Is Dangerous

Eating too much protein will make your body toxic. This process is called deamination. An amino group is removed from the amino acid thus creating ammonia. Ammonia is toxic. Fortunately, your body has a natural way to rid itself of ammonia by converting it to uric acid and expunging it from your body by urine.

Some long-distance athletes have reported their sweat smells like urine. This is most likely because this deamination process was occurring in their body.

Proteins are not meant to be used as an energy source or if they are it is only as a last resort. Carbohydrates are for energy. Athletes need plenty of carbohydrates so they don’t dip into their proteins for energy.

A diet that significantly reduces or eliminates complex carbohydrates is not a sound diet.

  • Some Health Consequences Of Too Much Protein
  • This list refers to animal protein
  • Digestive problems
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Gout
  • Osteoporosis
  • Harms the liver and kidney
  • Pyorrhea
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Premature aging
  • Arthritis

Highly acidic: To balance the ph level the body extracts calcium from your bones. Studies have shown that people with the most meat intake have the most bone problems even if they take calcium supplements.

A number of sources discuss a myth that you need a lot of extra protein to build massive muscle mass. It is reported that most people naturally consume more than enough protein than what they need and what is necessary to build large muscle mass.

My research says the recommended level of protein intake is 25 to 35 grams per day.

Conclusion: Protein metabolism is a critical step in building and repairing essentially every part of your body. Not all amino acids are equal. In order to obtain the essential amino acids, you need to acquire it from your diet because your body will not produce them without the help of your diet. You can fulfill all your protein needs strictly from plant foods provided that you eat a variety of plant foods. However, you will be deficient in B12 if you don’t eat meat. There is a mountain of research supporting the health dangers of too much protein from meat.

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