We’ve all heard a lot of talk about the “US-Mexican drug trade,” but what exactly is the “problem”? In reality, it’s not really a problem at all but a symptom of a larger problem. That larger problem is the failed US economic policies in place due to the actions of elected officials and crony capitalism, which affect both countries today. This means that instead of fighting these forces at the international level, we’ve elected to work with them. This, in turn, has created a “big problem.”

The US-Mexican drug trade is an issue at the borders because of the demand and supply of illegal drugs. Mexico is a major supplier of drugs to the US, and drugs are an effortless way for illegal aliens to enter the country and establish a life for themselves in the United States. Drug use and addiction are a big problem at the southern border. Drugs, in general, are used as a form of currency. You don’t have to carry any actual money, just cash or bills. Therefore, the illegal aliens can use drugs to purchase food, clothes, and shelter.

This is why the US has such a huge drug problem on its southern border. It’s also why there has been an overflow of illegal aliens into our nation. These people have no intention of returning home if they believe that they can get some free drugs here. That’s why there has been an explosion in Border Drug Market and the profit available for criminal organizations that sell drugs in Mexico and the surrounding areas. Since the drugs are sold legally, the profit margin is high.

In addition to drugs, other types of illegal substances are sold and consumed here regularly. Some examples are marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, and elephant. Each one of these drugs has a different physical and/or chemical makeup. Thus, it is easier for an already established illegal drug business to grow and flourish here.

These illegal drugs have created an unbelievable crisis here in the United States. Between fiscal irresponsibility, lack of education, and poverty, the drug epidemic is now out of control. We have over 1 million people currently addicted to some form of an illegal drug. This number is increasing each year rapidly. The Mexican Drug Cartels is taking advantage of this crisis by flooding the United States with illegal drug trafficking drugs.

These are not the types of drugs that you would find in your local pharmacy. Indeed, the Mexican Drug Cartels and other criminal elements are quite smart. They know how to market and sell these drugs. Many of them operate their businesses illegally, and many more sell under the table. Most people that are addicted to some type of drug will deny that they even have a problem. Once you ask them for their personal information and tell them that they are addicted to drugs, they will be very open about it.

It is also believed that many of the drugs that are sold over the border were initially sold in the United States. That is why there are so many crack houses. Crack cocaine is also prevalent in many American cities. If you can imagine the amount of money laundered through drug usage, you will be floored. The drug war that has been fought in Mexico has resulted in millions of people, including young women and children. We must do whatever we can to end the drug trade here in the United States.

At the same time, we must realize that it is not the drugs that cause the violence in Mexico, nor are the drugs that cause the violence in Central America or the drugs that are sold over the US-Mexican border. It is much more complicated than that. But, if the United States President cannot stop his mouth, then I guess we might as well vote him out of office because he is unfit to lead. Please consider all this.

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