It’s Your Only Hope

Do you remember the iconic scene in Star Wars when Princess Leia says, “Help me Obi-Wan Kanobi; you’re my only hope?”  Well, that’s how I feel about lists on Facebook.

Yes, you can add people to lists on Facebook.

After reading this post by The Fab Social and some comments on her Facebook post here, I decided to take her and a friend’s advice to write this post.

Facebook’s news feed can be very overwhelming.

I always presume people aren’t as self-centered as they seem to be.  Maybe you just need help making lists.

Because I’m rather liberal with accepting friend requests from people I know from work or Twitter or elsewhere on the Internet I have to live by lists.

If I didn’t have lists, I would never see posts from my infrequent-posting crowd: namely, my family.

I always want to see posts from my Aunt Patsy and my cousins.   So I have a list for my family. And I made a list for my husband’s family. And I made a list for our outreach group, professional contacts, and on and on.

So why make a list?

It filters the content.

When you click on the list on the left-hand side of your home feed, it filters the posts that you see for just the people on the list.

A light gray number will also appear next to the list as people from that list post. It’s like a mini-notification.

How to Make A-List

You can find and make lists here.  I believe this has to be done on a traditional computer or laptop.  If I’m correct, this feature is not available on mobile.

Once you’ve made a list, go to your home feed (click on Facebook at the top left).

You should see it on the left but you may have to go to the “FRIENDS” heading, hover over that, and click the blue words “MORE.”

To favorite, a list (so it always appears at the top left), hover over its name until you see a light gray pencil. Click the pencil for editing options which include: “Add to Favorites, Delete List.”

Click Add to Favorites. Now it should always appear on the left regardless if anyone on that list has posted since you last logged in.

How to Add Friends to A-List:

To add someone to a list, hover over their name until you see the box checked “Friends.”  Then hover over that box until it drops down.

It will show some lists and if the one you want isn’t there then click on “Add to another list…”

Once you see the list, click on it and a checkmark will appear.  To remove a friend from a list, click on the name of the list to remove the checkmark.

The lists that have a lightning bolt next to them are auto-generated by Facebook.

Your custom lists are also available when you use Facebook on your mobile device, making it convenient to keep up with your friends on-the-go.

Remember, it’s social media so you should be social.

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