How To Teach Awesome Online Martial Arts Classes

– Do you wanna teach amazing online martial arts classes?

This is literally what my living room looked like when I recorded my online course about social media marketing. As you can see I’m also using light stands, which brings me to the high budget solution, get proper lights, and a good microphone. The microphone can either be a small mic that you attach to your cloth or a bigger mic attached to your camera or phone. Regarding the lights, it’s best to have two lights, one key light closer to you at a 45-degree angle above and one fill light further away, straight ahead. But honestly, even just one light will help, trust me. (upbeat music) Next, we’re gonna talk about the space you’re gonna use.

Remember that people who attend your online classes might not have as much space as you do especially if they are training at home. So step one is to pick a small space, even if you are filming in a big space put some tape on the floor, to mark up a small perimeter. Then make sure it fits in the frame. This assures that you won’t accidentally move out of sight. I recommend that you do a test run with a friend, just make sure everything looks and sounds good. If you find it hard to see or hear your students, consider using a TV monitor and rear speakers instead of just your phone or laptop. In fact, you can even have both, and why not have two cameras?

One for your live class and another one for recording and saving the class, so you can publish it for people who couldn’t attend live. Plus, you can then watch that recording and review your own performance, to improve your own teaching skills. (upbeat music) Now let’s talk about how you talk, ’cause it can be really awkward to talk to a camera, I know because I’ve done it for many years now and the key is to act like you’re talking to a person, even though a camera looks nothing like a person, but as you know, there are real people on the other side of that lens. So talk to the camera, just like you’re talking to your students.

This means, don’t talk too fast, treat the tempo just like a regular class. Remember to ask questions and also pause for your students to answer. (upbeat music) Speaking of talking, let’s not forget your body language because experts say, it’s 90 percent of communication, so it’s really important, that you don’t do anything too intricate as the camera won’t pick it up. It can be really hard to see small and detailed movements, especially if your students are looking at small screens. So by all means, feel free to exaggerate your range of motion but also slow down any quick parts be overly pedagogical ’cause it might feel silly in the beginning, but your students will thank you. (upbeat music) It’s a good idea to have a script and make notes to plan out your class at least until you can get comfortable and start freestyling because the tempo of a class moves much faster online and you have to be prepared for this.

So either teach shorter classes than in real life or plan more content. I suggest you also add some buffer time because people usually need a couple of minutes to join, and connect. So if you have 40 minutes schedule, plan for a 30-minute class. And don’t be afraid to mute your students when you’re teaching. (upbeat music) Next, don’t be afraid to incorporate household items to spice up your class. You can use different types of balls, a washcloth, hula hoops, chairs, and much more. This is especially useful if your students are tuning in from home and don’t have the proper equipment you’d expect at a martial arts school. Just make sure they don’t swing a broomstick into their living room lamp. (upbeat music) The bonus I was talking about, you see, it doesn’t matter how great your classes are if nobody is joining them. You need to learn how to attract new students and engage your old students online to grow your martial arts school. And the best way to do this right now is through social media marketing especially if you don’t wanna waste time and money in the process.

Luckily, I was recently invited to speak at a conference for martial arts school owners just like you, where I reveal my three secrets of social media marketing. And right now you can get my full presentation for free at I hope you like it, just go check that out and good luck.

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