today I have got a delicious recipe for you that is showing you how to make a vegan and gluten-free chocolate zucchini bread but before we dive in I do want to take a quick pause and just give you a little update about how

what I personally am doing to educate myself to learn, to un-learn, and to be more of an ally to the black community as well as learning how to be anti-racist.

I feel like this could be its own entire video but I don’t feel like I’m quite at the point where I am knowledgeable enough and informed enough to share that with you so that video might come,

but for now, I’m really taking a step back from creating content and really trying to take some time to evaluate how I move through the world but also how I represent myself in my own business and how I can be more inclusive,

I can encourage more diversity and I can help to amplify the voices of people of color who just haven’t gotten the opportunity to be as well discovered and be heard as much on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and even the blogging world.

So you might have noticed, maybe you didn’t notice that I took a little pause from creating content on this platform, specifically sharing videos and recipes of my own just because I felt like A,

I have been able to find in the last week so many amazing people of color who are sharing incredible content and I really want to help lift them up I want to help introduce you to them and I really want to help give them a stronger voice on this platform but also on other platforms like Instagram as well.

So I haven’t totally figured out what that looks like for me over the next, well forever, how I can continue doing that. I am gonna be doing a mix of sharing my content as like a video like you’re seeing now,

but there also is a part of my platform on YouTube that I can share posts and those will still come up in your feed and I plan to continue to share other people’s contents in that post

I’ll be telling a little bit more of their stories and I really encourage you to follow along and check them out and I want you to do more than just briefly look at their channel and subscribe, 

really want you to engage with their content because the more that we engage with their content the more growth opportunities they have and you are able to really find someone that you connect with

open Google doc and I think that you’ll find a lot of really interesting information there. In the past week, I feel like I have learned so much but I know that there is still so much for me to learn and un-learn,

I really like that word un-learn because we’ve kind of been conditioned to believe things our whole lives so this is also gonna be a process of un-learning some of those things so I encourage you to really step in, to educate yourself and read some of these books, as

I said, follow black creators, engage with their content and I really think that together we can all amplify not only their voices but we can also use our voices to help lift them up and inspire change and action in our own communities.

I also will be creating more what I eat in a day video, I know you guys really like those and I feel like I’m gonna really try to incorporate people that I’m following on YouTube,

I wanna use their recipes and make them in those what I eat in a day videos and share them with you so I hope you guys are looking forward to that.

I encourage you to try to keep this as positive as possible but also if there is something that you want to challenge me on, please feel free to do that, I am open to just having any type of conversation.

I’ve actually had some really empowering conversations with people who I don’t agree with in the last week and they’ve been really productive,

I’ve learned a ton from them and I hope that they’ve also learned a ton from me so yeah, I encourage that as well if you wanna talk about that as well.

I hope you guys enjoy it, I hope you make it and try it if you do wanna try it, it is up on the blog for you and that link is down below. So let’s get into it.

So this recipe is super easy to make and only uses one bowl. We are gonna start by adding our mashed banana into our bowl along with our flax eggs, some maple syrup, some almond milk or your milk of choice,

a little bit of apple cider vinegar, and some coconut sugar and you can just beat that together until it is combined. Once it’s combined, you’re gonna add in your dry ingredients and yes this is a one-bowl recipe.

For our dry ingredients, we are using one cup of oat flour, three-quarters of a cup of quinoa flour, a quarter cup of arrowroot starch as well as a quarter cup of cacao powder or unsweetened cocoa powder, some baking powder, baking soda, and sea salt.

From there you will mix everything together until it forms a kind of batter slash dough consistency. It’s gonna be on the thicker side but it will loosen up when you add in your zucchini so you might be tempted to add more liquid but don’t,

I will say this bread is on the moister side so you’re gonna want a sharp knife,

I have a ton of resources that I’d like to share with you and I encourage you to check them out so I’ve linked those down below for you and I just think that the more that we can learn and educate and unlearn, the more powerful our voices can be,

the more action we can take, the more chance we can make happen and it’s just really important for us all to be involved in this movement and really stand up for what we believe,

stand up for what’s right, stand up for equality, stand up against injustice, and have our voices be heard.

If you do have any people of color that you follow here on YouTube that you want me to share on that community section and in a post,

please tag them down below so I can check out their channels and I can share their content and hopefully help them grow in the process.


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