Healthy ageing

Many factors influence the ageing process, including healthy behaviours, income, housing, education, the environment and social ties.
Evidence suggests that investing in healthy ageing can reduce health care costs ( State of the Public Health Report of the Chief Public Health Officer, 2010 ).
Seniors live longer and healthier lives because they maintain social relationships, increase physical activity levels, eat healthier foods, take steps to reduce the risk of falling, and do not smoke.
Social belonging
Social belonging and healthy behaviours provide benefits for the elderly.
When the elderly participate in community life, everyone comes out a winner.
Social relationships and healthy behaviours are beneficial for:
general well-being;
the ability to cope with stress and life changes;
healthy ageing.
To build and maintain social relationships, you can volunteer, seize training and lifelong learning opportunities, work, or build intergenerational ties. To find out where it is possible to establish social relationships, please consult the Community Support and Resources page, the Volunteer Manitoba website and the Guide for Seniors in Manitoba.

Volunteer Manitoba supports groups and individuals in the voluntary sector to develop and improve their ability to plan, understand, celebrate and respond to collective needs in Manitoba.

Injuries due to falls
Falls are the leading cause of injury and hospital admission for the elderly.
Falls can have significant and lasting consequences, including the possibility of being admitted to a personal care home.
Each year, it is estimated that one in three seniors is injured as a result of a fall.
Smoking cessation: it’s never too late to quit smoking
According to the 2011 Census of Canada, more and more Canadians are in their nineties and even centenarians. As life expectancy increases, ageing healthy by staying active becomes a priority. It is essential to eat healthily and exercise regularly to live healthier and older lives. But it is quitting that could have the most effect on your quality of life when you get older.

Resources for Healthy Aging
To help you make informed decisions that meet your needs, please review the following resources for healthy ageing:

The Active Living Coalition for Seniors (ALCOA-MB) is a significant partner that provides healthy living services for Manitoba seniors as part of their work in Manitoba to support healthy ageing. The Coalition coordinates efforts in the province to promote healthy lifestyles among seniors through its peer facilitator program. For more information, please contact the Coalition, whose contact details can be found at
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