fullHD-and full hd?

When choosing the thin-shaped television, doesn’t the word, “full HD” of the catalog (or “FULL HD”) regardless of the plasma television and the liquid crystal television, become a matter of concern?

2006, it was limited to the large-sized high-class model of the part, the phrase, “full HD”. 2007, further enlargement of the television riding cost reduction trend, may become familiar at a stroke, is.

A The method which necessary is seeing purchases the thin-shaped television from now on!

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If explanation and Q&A where for the enrollment person is easy to understand:

You buy for the first time! How to choose the thin-shaped television (All About home appliance)

First rearranging word

Originally, there is no strict definition in the word, “full HD”. In the case of the television for home, simply picture prime of the display panel “1,920 x 1,080″ (side x lengths) has meant the fact that is.

When the catalog of each company is inspected, to the word which is suitable “full HD” as mentioned below is various, but thinking synonymy, it does not become inconvenient.

* Picture prime of the display panel “1,920 x 1,080″ the word which expresses that is

Manufacturer name  Main declared example


Panasonic  Full HD

victor  Full Hi-Vision

sharp  full-spec high-definition

hitachi  1080 FULL HD

toshiba  fullHD

on the next page, full why we call, fully introducing the choice of the tv!!

1,920 x 1,080 the full reason referred to as

first, hdtv digital broadcast video, at most 1,920 x 1,080 it consists of pixels. (about207megapixels)

side of the television show, 1,920 x 1,080 has a pixel off, as it is100%from the implication that to reproduce, full (Full)this is called.

traditional HDTV tv, display panel1,366 x 768pixel (about105megapixels) because it was what is mainstream, to distinguish these words full a good idea to get your thoughts and.

LCD and plasma screen tv, minutia (pixel) collection of. also broadcast in high definition, BSdigital broadcasting 1,920 x 1,080 , terrestrial digital broadcasting 1,440 x 1,080 that is being thrown.

incidentally HDTV and is, (company)electronics and information technology industries association ( JEITA ) in, the number of pixels in the vertical direction650leo and regulations or more than now, this is, HDTV broadcast high-definition video, value and has been able to reproduce sufficiently delicate.

fullHD = high image quality and does not necessarily! !

1,366 x 768than the corresponding pixel high-definition, 1,920 x 1,080full of pixels high image quality and can not say.

image quality to the reproducibility of color, the lack of noise, etc., like contains the elements. in order to achieve high image quality, take advantage of a large number of pixels video processing technique (video engine) it is important, each company has to compete with the point.

please try to imagine a digital camera. 200megapixel camera and mobile phone, 100if you compare the machine only ten thousand pixel camera, an even fewer number of pixels, how should the camera’s image quality is only a good.

fullHD is, from the leading manufacturers of mature products, high image quality it will be a guide to choose the product that, if you want to compare the emerging manufacturer of cheap products, you should see the difference with their own eyes.

on the next page, full HDTV more than, how to choose to introduce the!

fullHD high! how to choose?

when compared with the same manufacturer, full product, the product is more expensive than high-definition. in, how do you choose??

and perception of quality, about the values that, it is each person. is there, commensurate with the price difference in image quality the key is whether you say can feel the.

when comparing the quality, first, which is appropriate viewing distance the height of the screen3double let’s compare a. HDTV(full HD)of 1,920 x 1,080 resolution that is, originally, the height of the screen3double if you look at, each pixel point is because it is derived as the value can not be recognized as. looking close to the screen, fullHDeven with, the roughness of the screen it looks, just look from a distance, the crude product also does not look high-definition. also, each pixel is visible not only on whether, please compare the overall as well as stereoscopic kamoshidasu.

the difference in image quality if you can see is, the price difference can be convinced, a good idea to be judged by theirs.

liquid crystal note than the plasma

result in blurred images and video camera such that the pan, it is not far from resolution.

if the LCD tv, in moving images, looks like an afterimage, and out of focus video blur phenomenon has, full hit does not leverage the resolution of the reality is that.

when the comparison, changing the channel, we recommend confirmation in moving images.

still, of the liquid crystal video blur technology has evolved rapidly to eliminate the. our name isis, high-speed liquid crystal, 120Hzdrive, Wspeed technology and is expressed, such as, full together with the 2007features and highlights of the year are likely. with respect to this technology, at a later date, and explanation of how it works, including the impression of actual, look forward to going to the article because it is!

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