Faculty of Business and Information Technology – Working Apart, Coming Together

This is how we’re working apart but coming together to support our student’s needs for experiential learning. Experiential learning is really that cumulative piece where students take what they’ve learned over the course of their university education and apply it to the industry whether that comes from a capstone project or an internship.

Both of these were critically impacted with Covid19 and our inability for most students to go out to the workforce so we had to pivot and think how can we do these things differently. First of all, we made sure that we had good relationships with our existing industry partners, and if students were going out that things were on track and had a safe environment to go to. Secondly, we created virtual internship opportunities.

We reached out to these partners and others and we said do you have projects that our students could be paid to work on over the semester to gain their credit and we were actually quite successful in that. Thirdly we doubled up on our capstone opportunities.

We worked with our great existing industry partners and created new ones so that our students could have strong projects which give them great opportunities to build their resumes for when they graduate. We also ensured that we have great faculty and teaching assistant support for the semester so the students will be successful in their opportunities.

We have met the needs of the department in terms of numbers and I am really proud of how we are working apart but have really come together to help our students with experiential learning.

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