Don’t Start A Business Until You Read This

What moved the needle in my business and in my life was mastering this wealth part.

Let me explain something. You see 90% of people in our population are lost. People graduating from universities all over the world with degrees and masters in business and they’re broke. There’s something wrong in the system whether you are a coach, or consulting doctor, marketing agency expert, or psychiatrist, psychologist CEO, manager, especially business operator or a business owner.

They know 80% is the mindset and 20% are the strategies but still most people are not able to get real results for their client or maybe they to try those NLP techniques or the coaching things they learn from a retreat or three-day seminar or watch some videos and they think they’ve got it but still unable to deliver that outcome to or the identity shift to their client. And still, they can’t figure out how to increase their sales or businesses, Still trying to figure out how the top gurus did it.

Why can’t they? Let me show you what has made me successful.

The first thing you have to do is to master a skill set and most people when they get any skill set they just finished 40% and they think they got it. And they pile another one and the end of the day you’re mister and miss jack of all that has zero value in the market place.

What do I mean by mastering a skill set is to have the right too, strategy, and techniques. A skillset that you can offer to the market place in exchange for money. Then you can bring proven results and when you bring proven results this is when you’re delivering and adding a valuable outcome in the marketplace. This is when you’re giving them the big promise and then you are at that stage this is when you can create a scalable income.

This is when you can scale your business when you scale a business, all those services, products, your social capitals, testimonials, your solutions, your contents, your results, your media, your achievements become your valuable assets. This is when you position yourself as an expert in the marketplace. At that level, you can have high return investment, at this point, even your investment has potential giving you more cash than what you’re earning then.

But sadly, most people do the opposite, and they jump too fast, killing their business, they grow too kind and then they blame clients, they blame Facebook ad is not working. I myself did the same. What moved the needle in my business and in my life was mastering this wealth permit


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