Chinese Women’s Weightlifting Training During Pandemic

In the weightlifting hall at the national training center, members of the women’s team are always within view. In response to the pandemic, the entire team has been training in isolation since the end of January.

The team is still adjusting following the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics. In addition to all the work that needs to be done mentally, they still have to maintain their schedule of strenuous training.

For the athletes doing very well in training and were showing a lot of promise, they were following the news every single day for the answer to whether the Olympics will be postponed. This is not the result that anybody wanted. After the official announcement, meetings were held with the team to determine the training plan for the year in between. In response to the postponement and the pandemic, the goals did not change. No disruption to our rhythm, no relaxation in regulations, no reduction in effort, and to maintain a high state of physical preparedness.

About 70% of our time is now dedicated to GPP. We do only enough to maintain technique in the competition lifts. Even though we are focused on GPP, I don’t think our strength levels and technique have not changed that much. I think GPP work is very helpful for us. During the period of isolation training, the women’s team has placed greater emphasis on GPP work.

This was a welcome change to the athletes who were previously going through rigorous training. In addition, the athletes have been using equipment like hyperbaric oxygen chambers after training to aid their recovery process. In addition to training, the team has also been doing a lot of work on doping control and regulations within the team. This is to make sure there are absolutely no mistakes. Anti-doping is something that is are taking very seriously.

We can give up the records but anti-doping work must be done. During this pandemic, in addition to psychological work and physical work on the athletes, we have also been focused on anti-doping regulations and Olympic selection. Even mail that our athletes receive must be checked. No stones are left unturned. This also included regulating late-night meals and late-night activities. Even if there are holes in training, there cannot be any when it comes to regulations.


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