The available business opportunities are countless. In fact, there is almost every type of business you can imagine. A business opportunity typically involves acquiring or selling some tangible item, service, equipment, etc., which will allow the buyer-licensing to start a business for a fee. The fee is normally paid in return for the right to use the product or service. There are also business opportunities that do not require any upfront purchase of products or services.

Some business opportunities are multilevel marketing (MLM) or direct selling, whereas others involve franchising or selling products directly to customers. In multi-level marketing, the compensation plan usually revolves around the affiliate recruiting new members. However, indirect selling payments are made regularly and fixed monthly or yearly to the Licensing Agent, who acts as a middleman between the customer and the parent company. Companies provide products and services under their brand name to sell them to consumers under its umbrella in franchising. Examples of such companies are McDonald’s, Jiffy Lube, and Subway.

Business opportunities in digital products and services include selling photos and digital products on the Internet. Selling digital products is popular, especially on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. With the advent of social media, selling photos online has become popular with people who enjoy sharing photographs with friends and loved ones. Digital products can also be sold on auction sites like eBay and Amazon.

An affiliate network is another example of business opportunities. The owner/licensor of the intellectual property – the pictures, videos, etc.- is rewarded for allowing the Licensor to place advertisements on the owner’s or licensee’s website, blogs, or other digital mediums. For example, there are pictures of puppies by a licensed licensor that can be found on puppy sellers’ websites. A business opportunity in this industry can earn the seller money every time one of their customers uses one of these pages and buys something. Affiliate networks and business opportunities in the digital product and services industry are relatively new.

Online business opportunities in dropshipping and wholesaling include the retailing of used or second-hand merchandise. This can either take the form of an actual storefront or simply being an online distributor of a product. Dropshipping allows an individual to sell directly to the public and avoid having to deal with inventory levels, stocking, packaging, and shipping. A business opportunity in dropshipping involves purchasing a product in bulk and then distributing it to retailers or directly to customers on an online auction site for a pre-determined price. For example, a person who wants to start a dropshipping business may browse through an online wholesale site, pick out a product that he thinks is high-sellers, and then begin dropshipping it. He will make money every time one of his customers purchases the item.

Business opportunities in the medical transcription industry include the creation of audio recordings for medical purposes. A person interested in this business opportunity can work as a transcriptionist by typing medical reports into a computer program. Transcriptionists usually need to possess excellent written and speaking skills and the capability to listen accurately to audio. Audio files must be properly typed for accuracy by using the appropriate computer programs to conduct medical research.

Franchisees are a category of business opportunities that allow the initial purchaser to use a brand name for the lease duration. A person interested in this type of franchise will be given an exclusive license by the franchisor to sell a specific product line for a fixed price. The purchaser-licensing owner receives the franchisee’s customers’ income—franchises in the food industry range from fast-food chains to hotels and resorts to boutique restaurants.

Selling photos is another popular home business opportunity for many people. Selling photos is done using digital cameras to take still or video images and then sell them for a profit. Digital cameras are widely used by most people today because they’re easy to use, require little maintenance, and give high-quality images. Today, many people looking for small business opportunities have found success by selling photos online through websites such as Fotolia, Snapfish, and Agora. With many people today becoming more accustomed to using the Internet to shop, purchase, and research information, online business opportunities such as selling photos through websites are becoming very popular. This has opened up many new doors for people who were previously unable to obtain the credit or monetary support they now receive for their photography needs.

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