A technician uses a finger to measure

Your weight does not necessarily indicate that you are overweight or obese. The two special techniques that are often used for examination are BMI and waist circumference calculations. Therefore, she will introduce some simple tips and do not have to spend money to know that your body is overweight. Or not, just knowing the following tips:

1. Measure the wrist
The first one was straightforward, only with a finger around the wrist to measure. The results can be divided into three different parts:

Fingers folded around one wrist and put on one another: You’re still thin, so not Don’t worry about being overweight but try to eat more healthily

Fingers around one wrist mode: You are neither too thin nor too fat to look like As a bodybuilder, then you should try to exercise hard to keep your muscles from getting obese

Finger-hugging wrist: This indicates that you may be overweight and should exercise and limit Proper diet.

2. View thumbnail
The second tee was incredible because it was so easy and quick to observe shapes. The middle finger only.

If the thumb is curved, it means that you are in good shape and fit no fat.

If the thumb is flat, it means that you have a slight curvature and rounded shape. So keep in mind by drinking plenty of water, eating three full meals and adding a healthy protein and fat diet. ?