SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 20 – Insane Upgrades

we’ve got incredible news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20​upgrades and I’ll be sharing the details right after this.

 So we’ve got plenty more leaks for the samsung galaxy note 20 including it details of an incredible new camera which should set it far apart from the competition we’ve got new design information a huge amount of RAM is standard and battery upgrades to keep users going throughout the day but before we get into it please like the video if you’re looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and let me know in the comments if you prefer the Galaxy Note 20 or the no 20 plus so as most of you will already know what we won’t be receiving a Galaxy Note 20 ultra this year and there’s gonna be just two models instead we get the Galaxy Note 20 and the galaxy note 20 plus and for those that like a hefty amount of RAM it seems that both models of the Galaxy Note 20 are going to be coming with 16 gigs of ram as standard this is gonna be the 16 gig at ddr5 Ram that Samsung have already began mass-producing but there’s no information on if all models are gonna be sixteen gig or if we will see some higher variants.

I would however expect that all models are just gonna be sixteen gigabytes as going any higher does just seem unnecessary next up we’ve got details from Ice universe who states that the Galaxy Note 20 plus is going to be using the same 108 megapixel sensor that we saw in the Ultra but it’s going to add a new sensor to solve that the focusing problems that many are experiencing the new sensor is expected to be Samsung’s newly announced gn1 50 megapixel sensor the new gn1 was announced today and it’s their first camera sensor to come with both dual pixel and tetra-cell technology it’s a one over 1.3 one inch sensor with 1.2 micrometer pixels and a hundred-million face detect autofocus agents put in simple terms this means it will get some high resolution images and video with some fast and accurate auto-focus the tetra-cell technology allows for foreign 1-pixel bidding it’s similar to the HM one we also have dual-pixel technology enabling a 100 megapixel resolution the dual-pixel technology places two photodiodes next to each other.

But within a single pixel and this allows it to receive light from different angles for phase detection x’ this allows the sensor to detect and focus a still or moving object from any corner almost instantaneously and works even in low-light conditions next we’ve got a design leak from ice universe and harmless carl on twitter you’ll see that the front is pretty much what we’re expecting and the back is just a little bit different the front is however just showing a rough idea a nice universe advises us to ignore the bezel as it is a rough preview the galaxy note 20 bezels is expected to be slimmer than this image to provide a higher screen to body ratio than its predecessor and the back is sort of what we’re expecting.

But just slightly different and it shows us three-camera holes most likely a hole for the LED flash but now this could well be for the Galaxy Note 20 and not the no twenty-plus but he hasn’t actually specified the rough design has also been recreated in a more professional approach and this was tweeted to ice universe who agreed its correctness we can see the top sensor is the 108 megapixels HM one the middle what could well be the 50 megapixel gn1 we don’t know what the third sensor will be but I have to say I like this design and it’s probably easier on the eye than the ultras camera module finally we have news that the Galaxy Note 20 plus is going to be receiving a battery upgrade which is always welcomed by consumers the information comes from galaxy club and claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 plus is going to be equipped with a 4500 milliamp-hour battery what many are complaining that it’s not as much as the ultra we have to remember that the no 20 plus will be smaller than.

The ultra and it may contain the new X an off switch has better battery optimization we also have previous news of LTP o displays which of course it will greatly help the Galaxy Note 20 last the day even under heavy use on of all this that we’re gonna see improve displays battery hard-wearing cameras and we haven’t got much longer until it’s all gonna be unveiled now we’re gonna run through all of the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the note 20 placer but for my regular viewers you would have already seen this so I suggest you switch off now if you’re new here then don’t forget to hit subscribe and we’re gonna get right into it of course the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is gonna be an incredible smartphone and actually one of my favorite releases this year will likely see improved design display yet cameras and more but for anyone who’s missed my previous videos we’re gonna quickly run through what we can expect for my regular viewers you would have already seen this so just switch off now but for anyone new here we’re gonna run through everything we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 well the note was always much bigger than the S range in the past things have been changing lately so it’s gonna be interesting to see at what screen sizes we get with the Galaxy Note 20 last year we had the note in two sizes which was 6.3 inch in 6.8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is probably a little bit too early for this tech and it’s likely gonna be something we see in 2021 when it comes to the rear of the Samsung galaxy note 11 or the galaxy note 20 as it may be cooled I’ve got no doubts that we’re going to see a rectangular camera housing Samsung have stuck with this across their mid-range and their flagships this year so the no 20 should be no different Samsung have also been getting a lot more adventurous with their cameras so I’m gonna predict that we’ll get a one hundred eight-megapixel ISO cell sensor with pixel binning technology we’ll get a periscope lens with some incredible zoom capabilities we’ll get an ultra-wide-angle for those wide shots and we’ll also get a 3d time-of-flight depth sensor will also no doubt see better camera sensors on.

The Samsung galaxy note 20 plus compared to the standard no 20 in the hardware department we know the galaxy note 20 is gonna be powered by the Snapdragon 865 in North America and the Exynos 990 globally was he up to 512 gigs of internal storage with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and it will, of course, be expandable with a microSD card given the larger size the Galaxy Note 20 plus is expected to have a battery capacity of 5200 milliamp hours while the galaxy note 20 is gonna be around 4300 of course at both Galaxy Note 20s is going to be running Android 10 in the form of 1 UI 2 and it will be ip68 water-resistant the galaxy note 20 is expected to come with stereo speakers and no three-and-a-half mill headphone jack and most importantly for note fans it will be coming with the much-loved.

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