5 Business Benefits of 5G

5G is poised to better serve businesses in the ever-expanding internet of things.

But how exactly here are five reasons 5g will help businesses?

increased speed and bandwidth 5g will bring speeds 10 to 100 times faster than 4G Plus more bandwidth for wind connections means more potential for office automation and perhaps downward pressure for wind connectivity prices.

Low latency 5 G’s low latency as low as 1 millisecond will give businesses the flexibility to replace expensive MPLS infrastructure for a line of business applications.

The density of devices 5g will enable up to 100 times more connected devices in one given area compared to 4G which means a bigger potential mobile customer base.

Reduced power consumption 5g will have lower power overhead in design as well as consumption at the infrastructure level which will stretch the life of remote IOT devices.

Security 5g will bring stronger security for designers including hardware security modules key management services and others to ensure data sent over 5g networks is secure 5g is expected to become mainstream over the course of the next five years which is when these benefits will become apparent to businesses

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